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anaplatform Data Consultancy
Lojistik Çözümleri

Analitik Tedarik Zinciri çözümlerimizle dijital dönüşüm yolculuğunuzu destekliyoruz

anaplatform Lojistik Çözümleri

Supply Chain Analytics

As supply chains compete in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing business environment, The agility of the supply chain is also an important competitive advantage. Agile supply chain, ability to respond quickly to unexpected and sudden changes in demand and supply ability.

anaplatforms Supply Chain Solutions

With the increase of rapidly growing data, the problem of how to combine this data also arises. On the Supply Chain, even if businesses provide visibility into the data, this visibility, action or agility. may not always be sufficient. In order to achieve agility, the data shared throughout the chain must be able to be processed/analyzed in a way that enables action and decision making. For this reason, we will be offering big data analytics (BVA) applications to businesses to manage their Supply Chain.

The purpose of our demos is to examine the moderator effect of big data analytics in supply chain relations with examples.

What We Offer With Supply Chain Analytics?

Thanks to our extensive modeling, all of the following supply plans can be determined in the same optimization run.

  • Distribution network designs,
  • Demand forecasting plans,
  • Material procurement plans,
  • Short and medium term production plans,
  • Deployment plans.

Important Factors in Supply Chain Analytics

The supply chain processes that companies have to manage have five critical dimensions consisting of procurement, stock, production, inventory and warehousing, and the so-called "optimal" decisions taken independently of each of them often contain elements that negatively affect the overall performance of the system. In addition, structures designed in the past, changing business conditions and competitive elements is found

  • Processes
  • Stock,
  • Production,
  • Inventory,
  • Storage.
  • Analyzing customer satisfaction,
  • Controlling declining goods and warehouse inventory,
  • Monitoring the income and expense balance between branches.