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anaplatform Data Consultancy
Software Development

Şirketiniz ve sektörünüz için en iyi analitik uygulamaları geliştiriyoruz.

software development

What do you want to build? Is it an app? Website or shopping platform? A wearable? Answer a simple set of questions and we’ll spec out your idea free of charge..

With our specific services for industrial automation, from consulting to implementation and optimization, we help machine builders and plant operators uncover hidden potential and fully exploit it.

Comprehensive data use is made possible by merging the virtual and physical world. This is where our framwork comes in: Seamless end-to-end connectivity enables field and machine levels to be linked together horizontally, and OT and IT vertically. The open nature of our framework allows existing software and applications to be ported to our Automation Management System without difficulty.

You also benefit from integrated security and connectivity in your automated system and the Cloud. The range of Automation Frameowork services is rounded out by scalable solution packages, the Automation Frameowork Use Cases. These help implement the digital enterprise and illustrate how the challenges of the future can be overcome quickly and without complications..

  • 1- Basically, we make a quality research by examining your projects written using C C++ C# Java Php languages ​​from various angles.
  • We can organize Peer to Peer and Code Review studies.
  • We examine the Developer Tools you use, especially those used as a team, according to their level of availability and clarify whether they are suitable for your business process or not.
  • We set up all necessary development environments in the most efficient way.
  • For example: Windows:: Visual Studio 2019, SqlServer 2019, TFS, Continuous Integration, Jenkins, Jira, MongoDB For example: Linux:: Eclipse, MySql, SVN, Jenkin, GIT, RedLine, Amazon AWS The examples above are purely fictitious. We can build systems according to your needs in the real environment or make additions and improvements to the existing system. Another example: You are using MongoDb, but because the data gets too large, your queries are slow or there are undesired slots in your RAM usage.
  • System development Consultancy
  • For example: You have been using TFS as a company for years, but you do not use Continuous Integration. The numerous benefits of C.I. We install Continuous Integration completely in your company and give a short and effective training to software developers on how to use it.
  • You have projects that are close to deadline, but there was a sudden lack of planning and you came to a dead end. We can draw up a solution plan instantly and even outsource if we find it appropriate.

Select your technology

Pick your features

Choose your delivery and timeline

See your idea come alive

We our deep expertise in architecture and interfaces for a desktop development System we provide state-of-the art desktop development solutions.

We provide necessary architecture and Interfaces for a Web-oriented Automation System. The aim of the WOAS is to provide an architecture for automation systems based on Web technologies.. .

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Our Serverless Framework is great for deploying not only your Lambda functions but deploying your any other AWS/Azure resources. Traditionaly AWS requires you to write a lot of CloudFormation in YAML.

Cloud Formation templates are incredibly verbose and even creating simple resources can take hundreds of lines of YAML. AWS CDK solves this by allowing you to generate CloudFormation templates using modern programming languages. Making it truly, infrastructure as code..